Good evening TC people! It's been a while since I've posted because I've been busy with school, work, family, etc. Anyhoo, I bought a (actually 2) SE HBH 610 headsets. Here's what I have to say:
First off, let me premise my review by saying I am basically hooked on Sony Ericsson products. I've owned the HBH 300 and 662 prior to this. The only non-SE headset I've owned was the Jabra BT250 which, as we all know, was not at all good with the 650. On to the review!

First off, it looks very slick. Much moreso than the 300 and 662. It comes with three different clip-on covers to switch up the appearance. Not really useful, but whatever.

Pairing was easy, but the instructions are as useless as ever when it comes to SE headsets. The first headset I got was ok, but there seemed to be a speaker problem with it. That was solved one day when, after putting my son in the car, I forgot both the Treo and the headset on top of the car! I tell you what, that Treo is one tough device! It only sustained a couple scratches and is still fully functional after sliding off the roof of the car unprotected! The headset wasn't as fortunate as it was driven over a few times, thus the purchase of headset #2.

The second headset was even better than the first! The first had somewhat of a tinny sound to it, which was absent in the second. The sound quality was excellent. If anyone has ever read my other two headset reviews, you know I live in the Chicago area and work downtown where it is quite noisy. I do a customary Lake street test where I walk down the street during lunch to check the sound quality. I did the test with the 610 by calling my wife. With cabs on the street and trains overhead, my wife was able to carry on a conversation with me! For those of you that are around the El, you know how loud they are. The 662 didn't fair nearly as well.

The battery life is the same as the 662. I keep chargers in the car, at work and at home so the battery running low is never a problem. The 610 is less bulky and can still be used with the infamous Jabra eargels, so the earclip can be eliminated.

Comparing the 610 to the 300 and 662, I'd have to say the 300 is still the best with the 610 a close 2nd. The talk time of the 300 and noise reduction make it the best ever. The 610 has some form of noise cancellation, which is good, just not better than the 300. I'd still go with the 610 though, because it's considerably smaller than the 300 and more comfortable.

The power connections are the same as the 662 and 300, by the way.

I've done a lot of reading about non-SE headsets that others are considering. They sound pretty good. I just wanted to add my .02 in the hopes this helps someone make the right choice!