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    hey everyone, i really would like to play my snes roms on my treo. I had rc2 version of LJP and a trial of UDMH (newest) and dalauncher/dbcache..

    during the trial of UDMH i figured out a way to do it and it worked fine. The trial is up and I ended up buying a friends treo since mine was messed up and he had udmh but only 3.0. Now when I try I cant get anything to work.

    I am wondering if anyone can do a detailed tutorial or step by step showing the exact setting one would need to make LJP to work and in which order. Any help would be greatly appreciated, i love you long time =P

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    1. Don't use UDMH 3.0 on a NVFS device. Use the latest version, 5.3 or such. 3.0 on a NVFS device might render you device useless.

    2. Go to and check the archive. Basically you have to copy the .prc into the main memory, the emulation modules in the correct folders on the card and the rom files also to the card.

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