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    I just got my wife a T650 to replace her aging T600. I'm getting her a TomTom software/GPS bundle. I'm trying to decide whether to get a BT GPS or a hardwired one. I'm thinking a hardwired one would be better (that's what I have) for my T650 in my non-GPS car. I don't want to move it around from car to car to have GPS, so that's why I'm looking at getting another one. Anyway, the hardwired GPS units are small and easy to stick in the windshield and they also come with the cable to power the gps and the Treo. For those of you that have BT GPS units working with your treo, what are your thoughts?
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    I prefer the units where the GPS receiver is in the charging cradle. Neater install, less wires and things laying around and most imortantly, can still use a BT Headset while navigating with TomTom

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    Those are cool. Thanks!
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    Double the cost ? Are you including everything that you need ? After you buy the GPS, you need a Treo cradle, charger, mounts, cable and GPS Software. That $249 kit cost includes a $159 software program....I come up w/ an overall $75 savings

    Kit Includes:

    GPS Receiver - Sirf III BT unit is $115
    Cradle - w/ pedastals & Cord $50
    TomTom Software - $159
    Treo / GPS Charger
    Power Cord
    Two Pedastals (windshield and Vent)
    Locking Plate
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    You're right. Its not double. Semsons has a kit for $170 or so, which includes pretty much the whole kit, but the cradle is nice.
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    I prefer BT GPS. I got the inexpensive Palm solution. It's not Sirf III, but it works great for me. It's really handy when a concierge at a hotel gives you walking directions to a restaurant, and you forget what he said 2 minutes after you leave. BT GPS let's me really explore great cities on foot. I've also used it while cycling, and kayaking. I just
    wish the Treo battery would last longer with BT. I take an extra battery with me when I'm cycling and know that I'm going to be out for about 4-5hrs.

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