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    When I enter a new appt. in Outlook and synch to my 650 the time is changed by one hour earlier. Who knows why? I've checked every setting I can think of. Time, time zone, daylight savings are all the same on both laptop and 650. Problem is unidirectional: Outlook down to 650. If I enter an appt on phone and synch, the time doesn't change in Outlook. Why? Why? Why?
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    Are you using ActiveSync or syncing via cable? Where is your Outlook server relative to you?
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    OK I just had the same or at least a similar problem with Outlook and Goodlink. I recently took a trip and when I got back When I entered an appointment in Outlook it would come up one hour later on my 650.

    I finally thought to check the preferences for the 650 and discovered that on the date and time section my location had somehow become Denver and not Los Angeles. I reset my location here to my actual location and poof!! the problem went away. Drove me nuts for about three days and then made me mad when it turned out to be such a simple fix that I should have checked first.

    Hope this helps.


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