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    So I have an unbranded Treo 650, running a stripped FAT32 1.20 GSM ROM and a 4GB A-Data SD card, all on T-Mobile with the unlimited VPN internet plan. It works great, most of the time, but every so often (3-4 times a week?) I can't get my e-mail or browse the web. The failure mode is very interesting.

    When the failure occurs:

    I am connected to the T-Mobile VPN APN.
    I have a valid IP, and I can resolve names.
    I can ping hosts, and make TCP connections.
    I can see my e-mail client (ChatterEmail) login to my server, and receive the number of waiting messages. I can see Blazer and Xiino resolve and connect to Google.

    But the data never comes.

    Using the Mergic Ping tool, I have found that packets containing less than 256 bytes of data get through smoothly. Packets containing more than 512 bytes of data are all lost. The packet loss increases as the size of the packet goes up - about half get through at 384 bytes.

    The failure mode is not consistent - it happens frequently around my home in West Hollywood, but can and will go away completely when I travel to another area. Soft-resettng the handheld doesn't help, and areas that work well sometimes fail other times. I spent most of yesterday in Santa Monica and Westwood - places where it usually works all the time, but yesterday it didn't. However, as soon as I went to Hollywood about 10 miles away, it worked fine. It doesn't seem to be a signal strength issue - it works fine with one or two bars, and will fail with four. It doesn't seem to be a cell congestion issue - it happens at times of day where there shouldn't be an issue with that at all.

    So, I'm at my wit's end and T-Mobile is unhelpful because the 650 is not a supported phone. I will probably wipe it and return to stock ROMS at some point if I must to debug this, but I would prefer not to.

    Any thoughts? Let me know what you think...
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    I have had the same problems, using a Treo650, unlocked on T-Mobile with VPN Data. I haven't done as much testing as you nor have I experienced the problem as often but it is the same issue.

    When speaking with T-Mobile, I told them I had a Treo600 and they've helped me accordingly. They went into my settings on the T-Mobile side and refreshed the data connections. Yesterday the rep. told me he just re-entered my time zone (eastern) and that did the trick. Apparently the connection sometimes gets funky (my words) and needs a refreshing. He also mentioned that there is an internet refresh button on the "My T-Mobile" web page under email settings but I could not find it...yet.

    Try the "I'm using a Treo600" approach and tell them your problem...that should get you the help you need. Also, just in case, change your profile in "My T-Mobile" to show a Treo600.

    Let us know if that works...
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    Could it just be something as simple as too much traffic on a subnet?

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    So I called T-Mobile per wdunn's suggestion and asked for the network refresh. That was yesterday, no problems since then, but I also haven't been anywhere. I'll keep everybody posted. Thanks for the info!

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