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    So..... I'm just figuring this thing out and have two questions....

    1) Where is it storing the downloaded info? Does it automatically erase it after a period of time or will I slowly run out of memory?

    2) Can you only download channel info when you sync to your computer or can you download on the fly using verizons data connection or whatever?
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    You can choose where to store the information, whether on the phone or the card. It is under the AGConnect program, choose settings, and check use card.

    You can use AGConnect, and choose to "sync this server" to download information "on the fly" but depending on how many channels you update, it does take some time.

    Great program.
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    Thanks! I got the wireless sync to work.

    Right now I'm saving to the phone since I don't have a card yet.
    Will it continue to save more and more info until i run out of space? Or will it start deleting the oldest stuff automatically like Tivo? I did see that you have an 8mb storage limit with the free version, but I wasn't sure what they meant by that.
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    it will eat up more and more space -- get a card (the biggest you can afford) without delay. you will find a card useful for many many other things, most importantly, storing application files.

    I used AG faithfully for years until one day I finally got sick of its quirks -- kept requiring me to re-enter logon information, failed to synch completely -- it got to a point where every other hotsync would wipe out and I'd have to do it all over again. now i use Plucker/Sunrise -- not without their quirks, but these are far less maddening.
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    No.. it will not eat more and more. Every time a channel is refreshed it will erase the old version of the channel.
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    I have been back to playing with AvantGo and have it running in a ZLauncher application folder. I selected the Palm Addict feed and wow, it is slower than slow. As an experiment to see if it worked, success. As an experiment to ascertain if it practical, not at all. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by swagner
    No.. it will not eat more and more. Every time a channel is refreshed it will erase the old version of the channel.
    well, in my experience, the AG data files multiplied and grew from 2MB to over 8MB in the course of some six months or so, without my having added channels. why, I don't know, maybe it was uncleared advertisements or cache or something. when I moved the files to the SD card, of course, it hardly mattered, but before that the growth was quite visible & pronounced.

    in fact that was the least of the problems AG gave me -- the lack of stability -- you don't mind if a hotsync takes 15-20 minutes, until you find that for some mysterious reason -- and there seemed to be three or four different causes -- you were being asked to enter your password and hotsync all over again. sometimes clearing the cache worked, sometimes it didn't, sometimes reinstalling worked, sometimes it didn't....

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