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    Hey GoodGuy,

    I just started sending 4.8 OTA to our company's Treo 650s, and noticed that the option for Documents To Go 8 (with PDF support) is also available. I OTAed it to my own Treo, and noticed that it's just a 30-day trial, rather than the non-trial version of 7 that used to come bundled with GoodLink. I hope there's something I don't know and that we can get a non-trial version of DocsToGo 8 with Goodlink... right?!


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    Checking on this. Not sure of our license agreement with Dataviz
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    Hi Goodguy,

    Just checking in again wondering on the status with DocsToGo. Thanks,

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    My understanding from our GL TAM is DTG 7 is the latest licensed 7006 build 945 package and DataViz is allowed Good to add DTG8 as trialware. SOunded like 8 could be licensed later this year but only 7 until then

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