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    This frustrates me to no end - why is it that the built-in calendar can't adjust appointments when the timezone changes?

    I travel every week for work. This means that the timezone on my Treo changes frequently, and the timezone on my PC is sometimes not the same as the timezone on my Treo.

    This causes me no end of problems.

    For example, if my Treo gets a calendar entry for 10AM CST, but the timezone on the Treo is currently EST, I end up with an appointment for 10AM EST, one hour fast.

    If I then travel to the PST timezone, the Treo's time resets correctly, but now the calendar ignores the current physical timezone and lists my appointment for 10AM PST.

    I need my PIM to understand to take the scheduled meeting time and timezone versus the current time and timezone in my physical location (based on the network time from Verizon) into account when it is displaying meetings.

    Do I really need to purchase third-party software to get my "smart" phone to understand the concept of timezones?
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    OK this is not the answer your looking for but maybe a stop gap measure until you find an app that does it.

    When you enter an appt. include a CST or EST in the entry.

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    Yeah, problem is that other people are scheduling my meetings, and they don't always include a timezone in the subject.

    My laptop is fully timezone aware. If I change my laptop timezone it automatically shifts meetings appropriately.

    My 600 does not, and it is frustrating to no end. The thing is supposed to be a mobile device!

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