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    Hi dear treo-masters.

    I just bouth the treo headset using it on my treo 650 (orange UK).
    And I can't pair it with my device.

    I do the following:
    Turn the bluetooth off
    start the bluetooth manager wizard
    click "setup devices"
    Turn the bluetooth on
    click "hands-free setup" button
    click "next"

    But on the discovery results I don't get anything back!

    I try "find more" but nothing!!

    Please any type of help would be usefull.

    Many kind regards
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    Sounds like you forgot to put the headset in discover mode.

    Before going any further, go to your applications launcher and use the delete function to remove the Bluetooth Device Cach file. A new one will be recreated when you pair your device (presuming you've Enabled device name cache under Options at your bluetooth screen). A clean cache appears to help with subsequent 'discovery' of your headset after pairing.

    Prep your Treo for pairing and before you select Next at Handsfree Setup make sure your headset is put into pairing mode. For the Palm Treo Wireless Headset simple hold down the headset button untill you get a solid blue indicator (~8 sec). Do not let go of the button when the indicator does 4 rapid flashes, that is merely turning the headset ON.

    The passkey is 0000 and you're good to go!
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    Excellent that did the trick!! Great many thanks.

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