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    Hi there...

    I did search but couldn't find this to be discussed before...
    If I missed something please forgive me…
    Yesterday I tried to send one of my ring tones to a friend of mine
    but it seemed that Send button in Options/Sound Prefs/Tones/Manage
    did not work… I tapped on the tone, then pressed the SEND button but
    nothing happened… Then I pressed it few times one after another and
    the phone resets itself... BT was on and two phones were paired...
    I’m running GSM TREO 650 with one of James custom ROMs FW 1.71 with
    SW 1.20ENA. I can receive tones without problem via BT or IR but can’t
    send them. Does anyone have this issue? Any solutions? Is there another
    way to send a ring tone from TREO to another phone?

    Thanks in advance
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    I know it's not important at all.. but.. Can anyone try to send a ring tone and post the result... I want to know if it is a bug or the problem is only mine.. Thanks in advance..
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    I don't know about custom rom. Why don't you just send through filez or resco explorer? They are way easier.
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    Thanks for the idea... But it seems that ringtones are stored in one DB file. I can't find them as separate files using Resco or any other explorer...
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    I send tones all the time. The way I do it is go into Sounds then tones then manage. Select the tone, menu send then choose which option (for me there is Chatter, Messaging, Bluetooth etc) then I send it.
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    Hi James,

    So... it seems that it is my problem... As I write in my first post... when I press SEND nothing happened... I am doing exactly the same as you described... It's strange.. I will do a hard reset and will try again ot see if sometihng's wrong with ROM software...

    EDIT: DAMN ! After Hard reset it's working.. i.e. when I press SNED button a menu pops up... AAAAAAAARGH... now I have to find which application blocks it...

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    I have sent them via IR in the past with no problem.

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