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    Just got my i2c-t and :-( discovered that once plugged to the Treo 650 only the left earphone will play. No sound at all comes out of the right-earphone.

    My Treo works perfect with the original (cheap) Palm headset, so I don't think it is the plug/settings.

    Anyone seen this with any (or Shure) headset before?

    Any recommendations?

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    I've been looking , expecting too hear from somebody with the same problem my shure earphone behaved the same way with mp3 player initialy only now and than lately all the time and moving/bending the cable seemd to help meaning that there is a disconected wire along the cable.
    The only remedy would be to change the cable and NOT BUYING SHURE AGAIN
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    I've had my shure ear phones for over a year now. No problems at all - great sound! I'm not "shure" the model I have, but they originally costs over $400, I bought a reconditioned set for about $80. The first time I used them in my 700W, I thought they wouldn't work. Turned out I had to really push the connectors together. They work well now. Check this out, I've read posts from others that had the same thing happen. Push the connectors firmly together. The wires on my shure ear phones are very thick, much more than any others I've ever seen. Try them in another device. if they work there, they will work with the treo. I forget if the connection problem was at the connection from the ear phones to the adapter, or the adaptor to the treo. If other head phones work with the treo, and the shure phones work with another device - it must be the connection.


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