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    So out of the blue last week, my Treo 650 with GoodLink (v4.7.0.25) started to give me error messages like:

    "Would you like to format the external device? This will erase ALL data on this device."

    I think it's trying to erase my SD card so that it can backup the GoodLink data onto it. I get it every 5 minutes or so, and I have to hit "cancel" to not erase my data. I can also consistenly get it if I eject and reinsert my SD card. Occasionally I also see a message about trying to run the backup application from this card and not being able to.

    Has anyone seen this kind of error before? It seems to be caught in some backup loop, and removing the battery or pressing the reset button doesn't fix anything. I didn't initiate this backup on purpose, is there some way to kill it? Did I maybe hit some option accidentally when the phone was in my pocket?

    I really don't want to wipe (hard-reset) my phone and reinstall everything. But at this point, the errors are driving me nuts.

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    Have you tried another SD Card. I had this on one of our Treo's and it turned out to be a bad card. Replacing the card and running a fresh GL backup resolved the problem.
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    Thanks, that was it. Never had a fairly new SD card die on me like that.

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