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    I could never get Butler's sms remote to work on my Treo fwiw...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttrundle
    I don't know of ANY program that allows the Treo to know when it's been stolen and self-erase . Seems like the next best thing is to be able to erase SD card and Treo in case it's lost (before someone finds it).
    That's not where I was going....what I was thinking was a program which managed the placement of files on the SD card with some kind of encryption. That is, ya place a key on the Treo (memory) and one on the card.....if they don't recognize each other, ya can't access the card.

    Then again you can password protect backups to the card so that is one level of protection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninodelsol
    Your backup program should be encrypting or password protecting your backed up files. I understand that not all of them do, but any backup program worth the money should have one of these options (BackupMan, Resco Backup, etc.).

    And if you have any other sensitive files on the card, encrypt and/or password protect the folders/files for a bit more peace of mine.
    Yeah you can password protect the backups but I still like the matched "key" thing as it seems much less oversight required.....Key a on Treo (and PC), Key B on card ... if they don't recognize each other then Treo ? finer's PC won't read anything off card.
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    FWIW, I've had great success with Butler and my 650. I've specifically tested both the lock feature and the wipe RAM feature, and they worked great....
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    I could never get Butler's sms remote to work on my Treo fwiw...
    you may have been using the old version which didn't work with SMS sent from an email gateway (it required the lock trigger to be the first part of the message which doesn't happen with an email gateway)

    The latest version has remote lock commands which gets round that.
    Let me know if you give it a try and still struggle.
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