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    Figure somewhere lost in my original receipt paperwork is the answer but if not I know treocentral will know the answer.....

    believe my treo cell phone is assigned a email address or email/phone number combo address. Point being is that someone could then email me, from Outlook, to my cell phone and I assume the message would show up in the Treo Messaging application.

    Hopefully I got that right, if so is there a setting/location on the treo that will tell me what that address is?

    My phone is a sprint treo 650.....

    ok, just checked my Phone Info setting on the treo and it does give me a Username so I guess my email address for my phone would be username then maybe

    ...nope, that did not work for me


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    make sure your incomming mail server is set to:

    and your outgoing server set to:

    and your log on should be

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    If you are on Sprint you will have more then one email address.

    Email that goes to your online account:

    Email to SMS:

    Email to Picture Mail:

    With regards to your online email address, you will probably need to call Sprint to verify your email address and password. You can also set your account preferences to notify you via SMS when you get a message. You can also set the account to forward email to another address.

    Good Luck and Have Fun.

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