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    When I turn on/reset my Treo 650, the Phone is off by default. I end up missing calls, email, and voicemail if I forget to manually turn the phone on by holding the "disconnect" key down to toggle it on.

    Is there a way to have the phone come on automatically after a reset?

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    Radio Control is a free option. Treo Helper also does this.....and there are about 6 more otpions, some free, some not (included in other programs).

    Good Luck.
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    This was asked in another thread today also....

    PowerUp and TreoAlarm perform this function.
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    Thanks! I will check those out when I get home tonight ( around 3PM where I am at now)
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    Chatter I recently discovered also does this.
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    TreoHelper good.
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    Power Up and Lightwav does this also. Power Up has this option even if you do not register it. So basically it's free also.

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