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    My 650 syncs up with my mac great but i renamed it on my desktop from "NO NAME" to "TREO" and suddenly it wont come up on the desktop anymore... any suggestions?
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    A couple of things to check:

    1. Go to HotSync under home and tell me what the username is in the upper R corner

    2. If the HotSync is the same as you remember it, let it be

    3. If the HotSync says "NO Name" you will need to change the name

    4. Best Utility to change HotSync name is UserName from

    5. Can also use ChangeName from but tricky to use.


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    hey jim thanks for the response
    i think i should have been more clear though. I'm using a powerbook G4 and the Treo 650...
    i sync them using "missing sync" software.
    if i use the "hot sync" to sync up my phone everthing is fine, phone hooks up and updates and backs up, no problems there.
    on the other hand....
    I hook the phone up using the "cradle/cable"
    go to "missing sync" in my phone and hit "connect"
    now before it would bring up the "SD card" on my desktop as a drive with the name "NO NAME"
    then i could open that up and drag files on and off as i pleased...
    then i renamed the "drive/SD card" to "treo" and now it dosn't show up on my desktop.
    does that make sense?
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    ok never mind... i figured it out..
    incase anyone else runs into this,
    just uninstall the "missing sync" sofware on your phone and reinstall it. everything will work fine after that.
    p.s. if you want to rename your card go to "card" in your phone and rename it there
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    I assumed that you were using a Mac because you mentioned it earlier in your original post. Now I understand more of your problem. I was going to suggest uninstall and re-install of MissingSync to get rid of the .Plist file associated with it and you already did that and solved the problem as I suspected.

    Renaming the card or the HotSync ID on the phone is NEVER a good idea if you are a single user with synchronization with one machine. The neat thing about the software I mentioned UserName is that you can have two computers separate from one another and use one name with one computer and another name with your home computer but you are limited to only two names. I do this in my own household to keep both mine and my wife's phone synchronized with one another. In fact both phones are mirror images of one another but synchronize on two different platforms.

    The other program that I mentioned called NameChange can cause a lot of damage if you are careless and I do not recommend it. Besides that it is entirely unsupported on the developer website.

    I am very glad that you figured it out for yourself. I find much gratification when I solve one on my own.



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