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    I have some old screen protectors that are for a palm V. I am wondering if there would be a problem with just cutting them down to size and using one on my treo?
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    Cutting it to fit is fine. I would be more concerned (though not much) about possible deterioration of the adhesive, especially if it's old, and was stored in high heat. If so, it might leave glue behind when removed.

    You might test it by cutting a narrow strip off the edge, and affixing it to some clean, flat glass. Press it down hard with your thumbnail. After a week, pull it off quickly, and see if any adhesive is on the glass. If so, don't use it.

    Note: I just made up this test, but it seems reasonable to me ;-).
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    I have never seen a screen protector that contained an adheasive.
    Those that I have been exposed to are held in place by static cling.

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    I got a few adhesive-backed screen protectors with some vinyl Treo covers I bought a few days ago. After misapplying one, it almost ripped out the Treo screen's topmost plastic sheet when I removed it. Static cling FTW on this one, I think.
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    As I understand it, the more recent, high-quality protectors use a low-tack, silicone-based adhesive layer, while some may use "cling" alone. However, it was common for older protectors to use a medium-tack conventional adhesive. When removed, they should be pried up carefully from a corner, and peeled back slowly, to avoid leaving any goop behind.
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    I am going to check these out more when I get them back. If I remember they used some kind of adhesive. I might try your test Idoron. If else I got someone I can split a 3pack of newer ones with.

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