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    Hi guys - I installed a bunch of mp3s in my SD card when I got my phone a year ago (T600). After several wiped out memories and the mp3 playing software (pTunes and Real Player) I finally reinstalled pTunes so I want to change the music on the card. Problem is I don't know how...

    Do I need special software to empty the card out to make some room for the newer tunes I want to install?
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    There are many general purposes file manager type programs. I use FileZ. It works really well on a Treo 600. Loading large files via hotsync is a trip - there is a free utility that lets you do that - PFB - Palm file Browser - it has a Palm part and a Windoz part that work pretty good. With PFB you can load to either main memory or the SD card and even specify the folder on the SD card.

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    1. Free - FileZ, many others

    2. Paid - Resco Explorer

    3. Use a card reader on the PC.
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    Softck Card Export (can manage card from windows desktop / laptop)
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    Reference post #3 - I agree on the card reader. I rarely use it, but when the need is there, it comes in really handy. Ben

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