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    currently have a treo 650, but am thinking of getting the old motorola mpx220 to play around with and when i want a little smaller, clamshell phone. is there a way to install GL on both the treo and the mpx220 at the same time?
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    islandsnow: No, you can only have GL running on one device at a time unfortunately...
    | Ted Johnson | Tech Support Lead, Lanlogic Inc | |
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    so do i just delete me in the GL server and then install on the mpx220? or do i also have to delete the GL app on my treo too?
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    You should only have to be removed/re-added to the GL server. It wouldn't hurt to do a hard reset on the Treo as well, bu it's not necessary. Your Treo will display an error stating something like "press 'r' to reprovision." At that point, a hard reset would be suggested.
    | Ted Johnson | Tech Support Lead, Lanlogic Inc | |
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    ok if i install GL on a windows mobile phone, more specifically the motorola mpx220, how does it interact with outlook? i want to keep my exchange calendar/contacts separate from my personal calendar/contacts.

    i had a treo prior and i know i had to delete the GL contacts icon in order for it to play nicely with both the built in treo contacts and my exchange contacts.

    is it the same on a windows mobile device?

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