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    Something strange has happened to my Treo 650 sound:
    - General sounds aren't working. That is I can't hear the clicks when I touch keys.
    - I can't hear anything said during a phone call
    - They can't hear me either
    - I can hear the phone ring, so the speaker works
    - The phone is relatively new (mid-March)
    - When on a call, the speakerphone option isn't available
    - Acts like I have a headset connected when there isn't one

    Has anyone one run into something similar? Any clues to a fix?

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    Some how the Treo seemed to think a headset was plugged in. When I plugged and unplugged a headset operartion returned to normal.
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    This is a somewhat common problem. A soft reset or plug/unplug of a headset usually resolves the problem unless the jack is physically broken. That unfortunately is a common problem.
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    Common problem. See sticky at the top of this forum.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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