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    I only ask b/c Seido told me that to solve my BT headset problem with the 2350S I need to have beam recieve on, and it does fix the problem, so I'm not going to be toggling it on and off when I am in my car. Thanks.
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    Yes, the battery will drain slightly faster. There are many threads on the subject. Whether it drains too much, or too fast depends on your personal experience with it.

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    Beam receive for BT???
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    do you even think of reading a manual?
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Beam receive for BT???
    No. As far as I know there is only IR beam recieve. It's just a problem w/ the BT connection to the headset while in the 2350 cradle.

    And yes I have read the manual, but what Palm says has been known to vary in real world usage. Thanks though.

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