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    Hadn't seen this mentioned before and kicking myself for not having thot of it b4.

    "So connect via Card Reader [or Sotick Card Export] to the PC and the SD card appears as a removable drive. I then navigate to the drive. From here a new Briefcase can be created from the file menu. Call it what you like. Now I copy the text files that I need and ones that I work this article for example to the briefcase. A copy of the files remains on my I can edit the same files that I carry on my SD. So every time I connect the card to the PC the files are synced. I am finding that this is an excellent way for me to have my files transfered between my Treo and PC, as I don't use any of the major office programs for Palm (too bloated IMHO)."
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    Agree. I use briefcase all the time to keep notebook current with PC. Should have seen the applicability to the SD. I had been struggling having duplicate copies of things like Tomtom maps & music that are already on the notebook so this should make weeding those out much easier. Thanks for passing it along.

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