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    Is it possible to use Dial Up Networking on the Treo 650 to get free data service (for Web browser, e-mail, etc.), and not pay Verizon's outrageous $45/mo. charge?

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but I can't find any relevant info.
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    reverse dial up networking to work off of a local network setup with Bluetooth.
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    Here's a link talking about it. It's a feature that Verizon offers but it might not be available to people who call in with a new phone. I've used it on Verizon's system for several years with other phones and actually have a Verizonized Sprint phone now - so I didn't really go into detail about which phone I was putting on their network when I set it up.

    But supposedly if you push hard enough, some people have gotten it. Good luck!

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