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    Thanks in advance for your help. I have searched this forum for tips on the Sprint SMS limit which is around 100 - 120 characters. I still have some questions.

    When I had my 600 it would receive long text messages (even longer than 160 char) by breaking them into multiple messages -- very nice, thank you.

    I recently got a 650 to replace my 600 and the SMS limit is now even less than 160 char. I tested it and cannot get more than 120 char, and no more multiple messages. Other posts here state Sprint reserves 60 of the 160 char.

    Is there a third party SMS program that will receive more than 120 char and support sms threads? I have searched but nothing seemed to be what I am looking for. Forgive me if I missed the obvious.

    The work around I am using is to ask contacts to send me an email instead. I have programmed my email to forward emails to my phone, so I know promptly I need to check mail, but that's a multi-step kludge. I would rather use the SMS chat feature, it's much easier.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks again,

    Maurice Frank
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    No workaround, its a Sprint Network thing. I do recall an app that split the text, but it didn't work for everyone...
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