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    I am using Act! 8 to sync with the Treo650. The contacts are showing up in the Palm Desktop but are not syncing to the phone even though I have selected Desktop overwrites handheld. Act tells me that this is a Treo issue

    Palm Desktop version 4.1.4
    Hotsync Manager version 6.0.1
    Using WinXP SP2

    Also after every sync it tells me I have to reset the phone. TIA

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    hi tony,
    have u tried creating an entry on the treo and just set the contacts to synchronize the files?
    about the reset, ur backup conduit setup must be set to "desktop overwrites handheld".
    if this was the setting, for sure after the hotsync it will prompt u to reset the device.
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    Thanks for the reply. I tried that but it didn't work

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