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    Over time I've come to realize that my Treo has an undocumented feature.
    There is a strong magnetic attraction to cement. Without fail, if I'm destined
    to drop my Treo, I only drop it on cold, hard, cement! Many times I've had the opportunity to drop in on nice plush carpeting. But oh no, that just
    won't do!

    I've even dropped it on my car seat, only to have it bounce up and leap out of the car onto..... you guess it......cement! Not asphalt, not dirt, only
    cement. Parking garages seem to be it's favorite place to carry out suicidal
    lemming-like tendencies.

    However I will say this. Without fail, it's always worked! Yes the sd card will
    shoot out of the top like Old Faithful putting on a show. And most of the
    time the battery cover will fly like a flaming stone from a trebuchet. But I
    pick my Treo up, dust it off, and put it all together again!

    For those who think that I'm either all thumbs, or sadistic with my Treo,
    please be informed that I have placed an order for a CrystalCase! Granted,
    I should probably get something more shock absorbing, but most cases are
    either unattractive to me, or to bulky.
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    You may wanna attach a strap to your Treo and attach the only end to your belt loop. That way unless your layin on the ground your Treo wont hit the ground.
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    Maybe I could get one of those biker chains that go from their belt to their Harley
    Davidson wallets? Heck, my Treo is work more than my wallet anyway! I could use
    a change in my image.
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    I have been inspecting cement pours for the last two weeks on eastern long island and "it dropping" is in my head each timme I leap over a freshly poured footing....might be fun calling up somepone after they move into building tho...."there's a ringing coming from my walls".

    Treo did save my **** tho. After moving vehicle so it wasn't down wind of some painting that wa going on to mark openings in cement walls, left my car door open w/ keys in ignition. Wind blew it closed....who cars, car can't lock with keys in ignition unless you manually push button.....well that's what always happened before......was able to call OnStar to open locks but OnStar still didn't work after 3 tries. Had to call local locksmith (Directory Assistant) to open ......OnStar paid locksmith's bill tho.
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    Without fail, the laws of bizzaro world kicked in and asked my Treo to become one with the earth. However this time, my Treo was sporting a Crystal Case. And while all pieces still decided to go in different directions, I did not get a new scratch or nick on the Treo itself. So kudos to the case. And as a bonus, my free memory went from 3.8 to 4.1 as a result of the hard reset when the battery went air Jordan on me!
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    You know, a couple of years back I questioned why Palm had dropped the lanyard attachment on the 600 - the 180-270-300 had one. Many people here in Indonesia use lanyards for the 'handphones' (the local term for 'mobiles'), but the idea of using one was laughed to scorn by a number of US responders to the thread. I still don't understand why! As it is, the alternatives for attaching a lanyard to a 600/650 seem really klunky.

    Chris W. Green
    Jakarta, Indonesia

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