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    I have treo 650 unlocked GSM for quite some time.
    I am using VERSA Mail as email client with active sync to talk to my exchange server. Working perfectly fine.
    I downloaded someemails from my exchange server and since I downloaded emails, moment I go to my Versa Mail, my TREO 650 reboots.
    I am not even able to delete emails or read or synch it. PLEASE HELP
    I AM travelling this whole week and need emails desperately.
    ANy help will ne appreciated.
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    I had a similar experience with Versamail. A few times I would download the attachements Treo650 on Sprint would reset! I could not find the "real issue" but I assumed it was from a corrupt Versamail database.

    Go here and follow the directions, it should fix the issue:
    VersaMail crashes or resets Treo 650

    !!! By doing this all emails and attachments in Versamail AND your the preferences to connect with your email server (ie. POP3, SMTP) will be lost. Please make sure you have these to re-setup Versamail before deleting any files.

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    I had no end of problems with Versamail. When I got fed up enough I bought Chattermail. Ahhhh!
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    Thanks. That works. One more quick question, how do I turn off the confirmation to delete emails. It always ask to delete email from server, which I do not want. IT asks all the time.
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    Never mind I was able to figure it out..though my Treo does reboot a lot more often (
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    To not be bothered about the delete-flag.
    1- Options > General > Deletion.
    Uncheck "Confirm deletion."
    Also is it good to "Auto-empty Mail from Trash" to help slow down corruption of VersaMail.

    To make sure your server always contains the emails you access via VersaMail.
    2. Options > Preferences > Advanced > Server.
    Make sure to check "Leave mail on server after downloading to VersaMail."
    Make sure to uncheck "Delete mail on the server after deleting from VersaMail".

    I hope this helps.

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