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    Great, so blue is only CDMA nobody has a silver in CDMA right? and nobody has a GSM in blue right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tygerimports
    Great, so blue is only CDMA nobody has a silver in CDMA right? and nobody has a GSM in blue right?
    Whoops, not quite. I was wrong - the Verizon Treo 650 (CDMA) is also grey.

    Here's pictures:

    There's definitely no blue GSM housing, though.

    The only important difference between the CDMA and GSM housings is the SIM tray slot.
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    Is it fairly easy to replace the housings ourselves?
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    If I still can, I wouldn't mind spending some cash on a new housing. 1 650 GSM, it looks like that the one in the picture is the only color right? If you can get black for GSM 650 I would prefer that, but I definitely need a new housing. Thanks for all the help!

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    Thanks vga4life.

    It seems like the verizon is a dark grey, and the cingular GSM is a light grey.
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    Did you decide not to order any black? It looks to me like black would be your most popular seller.
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    1 black CDMA for me please!!!
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    I would not mind a dark gray GSM housing for my Cingular 650.
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    sorry to be point blank about this but can you get black casings or not?

    Also, can you get the battery covers with reset holes?

    and to scythe000, if you have a T5 screw driver and a fairly delicate touch they are easy to take apart.

    I put a lanyard on my phone last week (thanks to nonobeez) and it was pretty painless.
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    I'm in for a few black gsm & cdma
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    Do you have the prices yet? and when will you be ordering the cases?

    I still want 2-silver -gsm cases

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    And will you ship worldwide?

    Must..... get..... shiny...... new...... GSM silver casing.....

    What the heck.... any new housing that will fit my GSM Orange branded Treo!
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    I am in for Dark Grey or Black GSM. (2)

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    Seems pricey put looks like the real thing
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    Looks like there's only one colour there...
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    1 black GSM please!!!
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    any pictures of the black GSM yet? i want i want..
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    I also want 1 Black GSM please!
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    I would like a black and grey one for my cingular phone just tell me how much and where to order
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    I would like a Black if available if not I will go with Grey for my GSM Treo 650
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