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    Hey ok so the guy at the verizon store said i would be unable to sync via bluetooth without buying the data package. I read somewhere there was a way around this, but i haven't been able to find it. So i was messing around on my powerbook in my Bluetooth settingsand i went under the tab sharing and found a checkbox saying "bluetooth-pda-sync". Obviously ill check it. So now im back on my 650 and i went into the bluetooth tab under setup devices and setup hotsync. I followed all its directions, creating ports virtual or whatever it said and it started syncing. OK so now im biting my fingernails off over here hoping it didnt use any bytes. I have to pay 1.5 cents per either b or kb, im pretty sure kb because that would be ridiculus. Anyway i checked my usage and it said i didnt use any kb's, though i'm not sure if I had any info sent from my comp to my treo. Is anyone sure of whether or not i found a loophole or if the guy at VZW was just conning me by saying i couldn't sync w/o buying a gay 45 dollar package? Thank you for any help you have.
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    There is no requirement to have a data package to use bluetooth. The Verizon person was either not knowledgeable or simply trying to sell the data package. Bluetooth is a wireless protocol on the phone that allows communication with other devices, such as headsets, computers, etc. Bluetooth does not use data from the network. Bluetooth data travels strait from the phone to the other device, no network (verizon, etc.) is involved in that process.
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    Thank you Katway. Thank god i dont have to deal with those crappy wires anymore. Too bad I found that theres an imperfection in the lens for my treo's camera. So back to Verizon I go! Thanks.

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