I am thinking about switching from a 6700 to a Treo 650 on Sprint. Having never used a Treo before (or any Palm OS device for that matter) I am trying to educate myself about the differences etc. My primary use of the device is email 90%, phone and everything else 10%. As such, a bullet proof email strategy is my main focus. I have my own domain so that is my email..it is forwarded to a 3rd party MS Exchange 2003 account at www.mailstreet.com. With this setup, I can keep 2 laptops, 1 desktop and my 6700 completely sync'd for email, calendar, contacts and notes. So far, this system has been 100% reliable and emails, contacts, appointments entered on my 6700 show up on all other machines litterally within 10 seconds sometimes.

I am trying to determine the "pieces" I need to accomplish the same functionality with the Treo. Can anyone tell me what the real difference is between what I have set up with exchange & activesync for my 6700 and a setup that used an imap email account and chatter? In other words, the way I read about Imap, it seeps to do exactly the same thing Exchange does (for email only of course)...is that correct? Is the only way to "plug" a Treo into my existing setup described above to utilize Goodlink? I notice that Goodlink can be added to my hosted exchange account for $9.95 per month. Ideally, I would like to have both my 6700 and a shiny new Treo working at the same time before making the switch permanently. Cost isn't really an issue...only that it works 100% of the time and that contacts, appointments, notes and emails are perfectly synced across all computers and mobile devices in real time.

Thanks for any help.