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    Is there no way to get a full screen wallpaper on the Treo (in the phone app)? When I choose not to have any rows for the calendar or favorite buttons, I still get a white strip at the bottom and the image doesn't cover the whole screen.

    I have tried resizing the images to various resolutions but with absolutely no effect

    Did do a lot of search on this when I got my treo but never found anything? Was the case with the simulator as well when the phone wasn't out and I thought it's the way it's supposed to be... but just came across a post the other day where somebody actually had a full screen wallpaper on, then added a row for the favorite button and has a white strip ever since even though the favorite row has been removed.

    So my question is... does anybody have a full screen wallpaper on their treos? Is it even possible? And if it isn't, doesn't it bug anyone ???

    Somebody help me out here!!

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    You can try Skinner
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    thanks, but skinner is for customizing the dial pad... which i don't want. what i want is a wallpaper that'll cover the full screen
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    so many genuises out here but nobody can answer this simple question???!!!
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    I use ZLauncher and have backgrounds in all my tabs.
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    me too.. but what abt the wallpaper in the phone app? has anybody even tried having a full wallpaper? or am i the only one that wants something like this?

    didn't think it'd take so long to get a simple reply
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    For some reason, its just not possible. A Palm thing...
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    Why does it even matter? I have a full-screen wallpaper on my phone app, but after like 5 seconds the coolness of it wore off.
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    The only screen (as extra software) on the Treo that can do full wallpaper is the "Today" view of the calendar application. Like you said, in the phone app, you cannot get it to cover the entire screen.
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    that's weird... there has to be some way to get it done?

    and btw, the coolness of it might wear out for me after 5 secs as well... but i atleast gotta have a full screen wallpaper for 5 secs for that to happen! until then, the search to get it done shall be on
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    Check this out at treonauts, its a how to on customizing wallpaper.
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    thanks for the link... am a regular visitor of treonauts myself and have seen that article.. but it doesn't say anything about the problem i'm having (or rather the treos have in general).

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