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    I use SAG with my HT820 and version 1.05 seemed to work fairly well with some slowing down of the treo. I just upgraded to SAG 1.06 and when I try and use the HT820, I only get a high pitched buzz. Anyone else having trouble with version 1.06? Obviously, i'll go back to 1.05 for now
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    I am using sag 1.06 with my 820 and I have no problems at all.

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    I just picked up SAG 1.06 and an 820 for use with PT 3.15. Unfortunately, I use PT primarily with DRM'd files, but I just found out that SAG and PT don't work together with DRM'd files... GRRR!

    Luckily, I ordered a Seidio audio coupler on the same day, due to a broken 2.5 jack on my 650. I sort of hoped that I'd only need the connector as a backup, but I guess, until Softick and Normsoft feature out the license subsystem issue, I'll be using the coupler. On the plus side, the coupler works great!
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