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    Yeah, I know. Get the zip file and do the HotSync Two-Step. Problem is I am in Washington, DC and my workstation and sync cables are in glorious Pasadena, CA. And while I don't NEED Filez, I WANT Filez to *improve* the favorites pages by getting rid of the RealPlayer page, etc. I had accomplished this before but lost all of those improvements with a hard reset.

    I searched TC and googled (granted, did this on my Treo so it was hard to tell) but I couldn't find a way to download the filez.prc file straight into Mr. Treo's memory.

    Is it possible? Where do I find filez.prc?
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    TP, can you get email on your phone? I would be happy to email the file to you. Or you could try downloading it from
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    Here it is
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    No problem
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    I put filesz in my ROM so that it is there after a hard reset.

    Also, you really should use a backup program so you can recover from your SD card.
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