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    I completely screwed up my palm desktop and I can't find my CD anywhere. Can someone please PM me a copy of the software that came with the Treo so that I could fix it? Thanks.
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    If you need extras + Media conduits then register at Palm1's developer website and download from there. Otherwise, get the zip file from Palmone's consumer site.

    There's been lengthy discussion on this dilemma.

    PS. This oughta be moved to Sync forum, mod.
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    I downloaded the one form palmone's developer site but for some reason it keeps freezing up. I don't know what exactly is wrong with it but it doesn't give me the option to sync via outlook.
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    Uninstall, reset and install! If that doesn't work, Hard RESET!
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    when installing palm desktop software from web, it will give you 2 options, sync with palm desktop or outlook. pls also note that when installing the software, make sure that antivirus and firewall are disabled.
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    Just to let you guys know, I finally got it working. The download from Palm's developer site kepts freezing when installing. It would get to the very end and then just stop and sid "The next step might take a few minutes" yet 2 hours later it was still frozen there. I downloaded the one from the consumer site (without the media conduit) and it worked fine. Thanks for the help.
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    If you want an alternative - try Splash Photo. It provides media conduits and will work with the download version 4.1.4
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    You really don't even need the Media conduit, it takes forever anyway to sync videos and photos. I use the program Card Reader and just drag and drop photos and videos between the Palm and the desktop. Much faster; I have my Media conduit disabled.
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