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    first of all, i love GoodLink. my problem is that i'm going to be switching companies. taking my Treo with me, but i want to keep it from connecting to my old email server, receiving messages, etc. they use blackberries for email at the new company. =(

    i want to continue using GoodLink for my contacts, calendar, and notes, but without it needing to send and receive data. is there any way to do this, or will i need to just wipe the GL and settle for the plain old PalmOS? i still have 4.0, so i would want to do an upgrade anyways. is it possible?
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    Unfortunately, you are out of luck. When your old company removes you from the GoodLink server, GL will become disabled on your phone. Remember, contacts, calendar, etc, aren't really on your phone, they are on Exchange, so once you are removed from GL and from Exchange, they are gone and GL will no longer work.

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