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    Have had mine for almost a year now. Not bad, some of the dye has worn off, just on the sides, near the top. Could always try to use some Kiwi polish (the ones who make the shoe polish, comes in different colors) to rebuff.

    That said, I'll throw this out: I had a scare today. I dropped my T650 and I could have sworn it was in my T66 case (the one w/ the belt clip), on my belt. (It's automatic for me now, as I always touch my right side by my belt before I walk anywhere, to make sure My T66 & T650 are there, antenna up.)

    My T650 landed face up (on concrete). Only small scratches on the side, near the botttom, thank goodness. Could have been much worse. My SD card stayed inside the top of the T650's slot. Groovy. My battery cover flew off, though. Luckily, I had a thicker, extended battery (2400mAH) from Seidio in it. The battery had stayed inside the battery compartment. I'm convinced if the original OEM battery was there, it would have fallen out, creating even more damage to the the point where having the heavier battery MADE it land face up, among other things. I'm no physics major, but...

    Getting back to my subject header: I think, somehow, that the Vaja T66 (and to the same extent, the T65) case somehow manages to loose its grip through time, in terms of holding the Treo in place. Having the open cut-out at the top of the case, in theory, would seem to exaberate the problem, especially if you have The T66 case on your belt with the T650 in it.

    Speaking of the silver belt clip nub, WHEN is Vaja going to pre-carve GROOVES and/or NICKS in the thing to make it clickable (once you put on the plastic clip), making it less prone to twirl? I'm even more convinced that the free-for-all twirling effect the clip has when it's on a belt makes the Vaja T66 case even MORE prone to turn/twirl, having the Treo SLIDE OUT UPSIDE DOWN from the case when you LEAST EXPECT IT. Egads!

    I must be on to something here. Your thoughts?
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    Yes.. it could happen. I keep an eye on the looseness of my T65. So far so good.

    I have had the entire case come out of the blet-clip and fall. This happens after the metal nub on the case wears out the plastic piece in the belt-clip. So, if the case is sideways, the leg/thigh/love-handles can force the case out of the clip.
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    In my particular example, my Vaja vase was still on my beltclip, though I get what you're saying, cuase I've actually ordered an extra clip when I got my Vaja case a year ago. I'm using the extra clip right now. Sure hope it holds another year...
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    My Vaja T66 has become a bit loose as well. I remedied this by putting small strips of egrips on each side of the phone. Now it is a tight fit again.
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    I have had one of my ipods in a vaja case for 2.5 years without any loss of grip.

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