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    OK, so I love their software but their company is a SHAM! BeyondContacts broke for me--it won't sync at all. So I go to their site for support but can't get in because their system won't recognize both of my registration numbers (for two products I BOUGHT). And they CHARGE you for phone or email support. So basically I can't get ANY support because their software and web sites don't work. What a scam.
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    It might not recognize you registration number if you used a trial version for a while and then bought a license. Regardless, here's some suggestions. First, get you e-mail login and p/w from CS. You can re-download products you've purchased anytime. Since you can only download their softward from their website, if you bought it, it'll be there in your user area.

    If you don't want to do that, the easiest way to fix a broken conduit (that's what your situation is called) is to uninstall BC from your device and then simply reinstall it. You had to download the software to a PC to install it in the first place.

    The even easier fix is to right click on the hotsynch icon in the bottom right corner of your PC, select custom, select Beyond contacts, select change, select re-install software...synch.

    If the conduits are still hosed, download USBREGCLEAN.exe from Palm's website. It'll wipe out all conduits and you'll have to re-install all your software, but it's a sure fix.

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