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    This is something I noticed a few times very consistently. Searched but could not find an answer/solution.

    When Chatter has a new message (fast green blinking LED), and I cycle through the ZLauncher tabs to start Chatter using its icon, my Treo always restarts as soon as ZLauncher reaches the tab showing the contents of the SD card. I don't know if this is a Chatter problem or not, but this only started happening after installing Chatter. Maybe it's a ZLauncher/Chatter combination problem?
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    I'm not aware of any problems between the two, but I don't use ZLauncher myself. If it moves things around in memory, that could very well be a problem.

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    I use both and I never had a problem....
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    I use both and also have no problem with them. Ben
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    I also use both and never had a problem. I have made a hot button start Chatter and do not routinely go through Zlancher to start CE, but I have done both ways.

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