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    I have set up versamail and am able to receive mail with no problems. My email provider uses POP3. When I did the initial setup, the outgoing mail, SMTP, was defaulted on the Treo to something unusual, it was not the SMTP for my provider. I erased it and used my providers SMTP. I cannot send mail. Obviously I have done something wrong with that SMTP setting, given that I can receive but not send.

    Has anyone else dealt with this?

    Thank you
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    I had the same problem. For my email provider (godaddy) I had to change the administrative settings on my email account to allow smtp outgoing mail from my mobile phone. I don't remember what it was I changed though.
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    Who is ur provider. Some ISPs don't allow u to use their smtp servers from outside their own network.
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    Problem solved. I had to use the Cingular smtp server.

    Thanks all.
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    What was the Cingular SMTP server?

    I am having no luck with

    Thanks in advance!

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