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    First off, 2dial is a great piece of software. I use it for three different voicemail systems and it's really made my life easier. (Isn't that what Treos are supposed to do?!?). In looking for the solution to my issue I've seen a lot of other good uses as well. I'm looking forward to handling several other IVR systems I use regularly now!

    Anyway, the problem I have is when the phone app "steals focus" away, 2dial isn't coming back up. I have it set for 5 seconds and I've waited 10 seconds to no avail. I'd like it to have a shorter duration and have 2dial actually take focus back from the phone app.

    Secondly, and less important, my work voicemail calls me when I have voicemail. I have had to setup 2 identical profiles though - one that is set for incoming, and one that handles when I call the system. They both come up with the same number, I'd just like the profile that's set to look for incoming calls also look for outgoing calls so I don't have to have 2 identical profiles. Hope that makes sense. It seems like an easy solution (either 2 check boxes-1 for incoming, and 1 for outgoing so you can have it do both OR simply look for outgoing on the profile that is set to look for incoming).

    Thanks again. Great price-point too. Keep up the great work!

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    Thanks for your kind words.

    I am still working on a complete solution of the "re-launch" thing.

    Regarding the incoming/outgoing request. It's a bit hard to implement at the moment.

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