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    Anyone wanna compete for the title of the Hackmaster Meister? Just curious on who has the most system extensions installed, the so-called Hacks.

    Hack manager used: TealManager

    Hacks used:
    -AfterBurner Hack
    -App/DA Launcher
    -Ben's Menus
    -Calc Button Hack (DA/App Launcher, see below for URL)
    -Find Button Hack (DA/App Launcher, see below)
    -Fitaly Hack
    -TealThck (TealTools Hack)

    Misc. System extensions (EZBackground, non-hack alternate soft Keyboards, Localization, etc.):
    -Interpilot (Russian, Greek loc)
    -BDicty 4.5 (Pop up translation with CMD-soft Find button)

    DA's (some in PalmGear, but for the "complete" set go to Cute and Funky DAs:
    -Flip Left DA
    -Flip DA
    -Call Lookup DA
    added some more:
    -BookmarkDA (Jumps to bookmarked memo or app.)
    -ClockupDA Imagine Afterburner as a pop-up! Simple...over/underclock on the fly without going thru hack config.
    -Clipboard view DA
    -ezConvDA (Yeah, I know about the Visor's adv. calc, but like the developer, I'm lazy too...)

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    OK you got me beat by a mile here.

    But where did you get Find Button Hack and Calc Button Hack. I can't find them anywhere.

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    Well, I used to have alot installed (no where near that many though), but when I got my new Prism I never installed most of them again. Now I 'm down to about 6 or 7 again, and I think that my system runs better because of it.

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    BruceMC, the Calc and Find button hack are like the DA/App Launcher...the soft buttons can be configured to launch DAs or App with a single tap (the button is divided into four smaller buttons, sort of like the contrast soft button on the menu button.) or drag (to pull up app or DA menu, as well as history) You can also configure the tap or drag to pull up last app used, or graffiti.

    If you know McPhling or Switch or TealLaunch, this is like that.

    The link for a repository of all DAs is in my edited post above. Try 'em...I guarantee you love em. Everything pups up, so you don't have to quit your present app.
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    Do you actually have any real applications on that thang, or is the memory totally filled up with various Hacks, DAs and other System Extensions?

    Also I have heard that lots of hacks can slow down that awesome 16 MHz Dragonball processor. Have you noticed it runs slower?

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       #6 doesn't seem to run slower, and I'm an impatient sort of person, so I would prob'ly notice. What really slows things down is the 8MB Springboard (which is where I keep my apps, after my hacks forced them off the internal real estate.)...the Launcher or a program like BDicty (incidentally, the hacks still leave room for my German, French and Italian dictionaries).

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