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    I finally got TomTom installed. Now, when I try to run Navigator, I normally get a message about Not enough DB Cache Memory. Only way to correct that, so far, is a soft reset. Any other way?

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    Try going back to the previous release of Navigator 5. I think it was 5.12. I had the same issue with 5.2 and went back to 5.12. Never saw the dbcache problem again.
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    I currently have 5.201, which came on the CD. How do I get the 5.12?
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    Just checked my question to Support at TomTom, and their exact recommendation is ver 5.12, and they even provided a link to it.
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    Use a program like MemInfo to flush ya dbcache before loading TomTom. I am using 5.21 and have never seen that message.....I typically have just a hair under 5 MB of dbcache free normally but if I haven't "rebooted" or flushed in a while it does drop and if I use TomTom over a long trip it behaves erratically after 80 or 90 minutes.
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    Where is MemInfo available from? I have looked and find one with a similar name that does not do the flushing. Ben
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    You can also try DBCache Tool on the following url:

    Here's the discussion link:
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    You may also find this Knowledge Base article helpful. My issue was mainly GoodLink, but like TomTom, both are mass consumers of cache memory.
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    Ok, thanks, I appreciate it very much. Ben

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