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    Can anyone please tell me the difference between a Bluetooth adaptor and a Bluetooth dongel?

    I have an IBM T30 notebook, what will be better to use the Bluetooth Adaptor or the Bluetooth dongel?

    Once I have Bluetooth adapotor / dongel linled to the laptop, will I be able to set up the laptop for dial-up networking?
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    I believe that an adaptor and dongle are the same thing. As far as dial-up networking there is extensive discussion of that in other threads, however I know you can make a dial-up connection for your laptop, via bluetooth or cable, if you use a program called PDAnet. I'm pretty sure that there is a hack to allow you to use the Treo as a modem without PDAnet but I've haven't done that so I can't be sure.

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    A bluetooth adapter can be built in, an internal card or a dongle which is external and plugs into a USB port.

    Once you have your adapter which with a laptop will be a USB bluetooth dongle you will be able to set up for dial up networking. A search on Treocentral and elsewhere on the internet will yield a lot of useful information.
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