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    Has anyone here ever gotten a replacement 650 from Cingular? Mine is acting up and I am about to call for a replacement through their express warranty service, and I am concerned. Every time I have EVER had a phone replaced by a company, they have sent me a refurb in horrible shape that I had problem after problem with. Has anyone experienced this? Should I just buy a new Treo and suck it up?
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    I have more than once. You'd never know physically that they were refurbs unless you look at the lifetimer. They look virtually new.
    Notice I say "look" new. Otherwise, you still have to try it out to make sure it's solid, etc.
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    I've had several. They all looked and seemed new.
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    I had one. The "silence switch" on the top of the phone was inoperative, ie broken. I didn't pursue, and eventually got a new one when our IT dept did some contract/network changes with Cingular.
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    I got my 650 on a week before CHristmas and it was a replacement deal thingy. The only issue had been that someone decided that red juice and 650s do mix. Cleaned that gunk out and its been a relatively happy Treo (software thingys on occasion due to my heavy use of VersaMail and the fact I use it as my only computer).
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    I have. I bought mine from EBAY and i have to say that the process was painless, suprisingly so... SO FAR going strong and doing GREAT with that warranty replacement =)
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    since Jan of 2005 I have had 15 refurbs. In addition to that based on the issues I had they sent me two brand new in the box Treo's as well. I am now using a BB 8700c and could not be happier. I sold one of my Treo's and still have the last new one in my desk. will probably sell it and get a GSM WM5 Treo when they come out.
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    when i first got my first refurb, it would not start, so cingular sent me another one a few days later, that was back in November. No problems since!
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    I just got a brand new out-of-the-box replacement at my local Cingular store. When I spoke with data support last week they said it was a new policy. After it was decided that I needed a replacement the data support guy just flagged my account for Cingular to give me a new phone. It was great! No hassle.

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