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    New 650 synched with programs/data from years of use from previous Palm devices (Kyocera 7135 most recent and various non-phone Palms before that). How do I determine what can files belong with what applications? I'd like to be able to know before I start deleting. Are there any clean up programs that can simplify this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    From my experience, the best way to avoid any problems is to install something like the Neat Freak Pack ( that monitors most 3rd party apps you install after it. Then, install each app, one at a time because all apps are not compatible with the 650, until you weed out what works and what doesn't. There is no sure-fire way that I know of that matches files and apps together. Something needs to be installed BEFORE those apps are installed to ensure that everything is tied together like it should be. Hope this helps...
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    The NeaFreakPak includes CleanUp and Uninstall Manager. The latter works only programs installed after UM was installed. For a truly clean system follow post 3 here:
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    What would be nice is something for us old people - I would like to install such a utility, but there is NO way that I am going to reinstall every single piece of software again. Not to say I cannot, 'cause the registration codes are stored in a HanDBase database. The need just is not there, so for me, it's look through it occasionally and look for the lonesome file. Ben
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    I kinda aree....unless you hit a wall, it's kinda last resort....but if I had to hard reset for whatever reason....and I have....that's what I do.
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    Have you tried File Z

    It categorizes all your Apps and their subfiles. easy for you to see what belongs where

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