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    Of all the things people beoich about and of all the bugs (minor and major) that are in the Treo 650, Palm choses to fix the most obscure bugs and issue an update. Don't bother wasting time on bugs that we want fixed, fix an obscure IR problem that most of us have never heard of.
    Great job.

    Check this one out, recently posted to the Treo 650 support page:
    Raw IR Software Update
    This software update is designed to resolve an issue with the transmittal of unpacketized data over the IR port on Treo 650 devices. Once installed, applications and accessories using unpacketized data, such as the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard, will function correctly. 5/4/06

    The only thing I can figure is that some partner of their's was blocked because of this bug so they had to fix it.
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    Is this a permamnent patch? or will need to be re-installed after a hard reset?

    My guess is .. the latter.
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    Interestingly .. the web page says:

    If you see any of the following ...

    * Treo650-1.17-CNB
    * Treo650-1.20-CNG
    * Treo650-1.20-TEL
    * Treo650-1.20-ENA
    * Treo650-1.20-LAP
    * Treo650-1.20-APR
    * Treo650-1.20-OUK
    * Treo650-1.20-OFR
    * Treo650-1.20-OCH
    * Treo650-1.20-TIM ... then download this RAW IR Patch Updater.prc for GSM.

    The latest Cingular update is 1.17 .. So, maybe they are about to release 1.20 CNG..
    In which case, why not fix this in the release?
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    Actually, this is a problem I reported ever since the 1.51/1.17 Cingular update. My phone is Treo650-1.17-CNG (hardware A). I just loaded the patch and more problem using the universal wireless keyboard. It works just fine and BTW....there is no official Cingular "Treo650-1.20-CNG" release....that is a Palm typo. I'm guessing since it's a hot-patch, you'd have to re-install if you did a hard reset....but not for a soft/warm reset. After the 1.51/1.17 update, NoviiRemote would not work and the Universal Wireless Keyboard was erratic. It worked fine with my Garmin iQue 3600, so I knew it wasn't a hardware problem with the keyboard. Novii fixed their software within a couple took Palm months to fix the problem so the wireless keyboard would work again. I had pretty much given up on using it anymore. BTW - I didn't actually buy it....Cingular was having a promotion where you got a free Universal Wireless Keyboard and 128 MB SD card when you purchased the Treo 650 (late last yr).
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    Of all the things people beoich about and of all the bugs (minor and major) that are in the Treo 650, Palm choses to fix the most obscure bugs and issue an update.
    Maybe not the sexiest problem out there, but this problem kept a product they market as Treo 650 compatible (the IR keyboard) from working with Sprint for a year, and with GSM phones for the last few months. They either needed to fix the problem, or stop selling the keyboard. I can't tell you whether this works on my phone yet, but if they really fixed the IR keyboard problem, there are a lot of people on this board who will be very happy.
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    Hmm, interesting, I didn't think it was possible to send ANY data through IR without some kind of encapsulation into some kind PDU. And by this thread, I suppose that PDU is a packet, unless of course Palm is trying to over simplify things for consumers... Does anyone know what kind of encapsulation IR does use?

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    Well if you use OmniRemote this update will fix the IR problem! Range is kinda weak like they say but I couldnt use it at all before. And i bought the IR blaster for the Novi remote but it wont learn new codes for like Satelite radios and newer stuff. Havent tried the other Noviremote program that learns but i'm sure it will make it work too.

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