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    Hi all, just wanted to get some opinions here. I have Cingular Treo 650 with the Internet connection via built in Blazer browser. I believe I have GPRS connection, which is painfully slow. For example, I was on my way somewhere during the NFL draft day, wanted to get the latest data but I had wait forever, specially the pictures.

    If there was a way to do acceleration on Palm, just by adding an application on your palm, would you be interested? Would you pay monthly fee to get it? What do you think?
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    eben: If you can live without pictures, go into Preferences in Blazer and check "Don't Display Images"; this will help. Also you might try another browser like Xino or WebViewer, but IMO this doesn't make much of a difference. Also, try deleting your web cookies. FYI connection speeds tend to be slower with GSM service (Cingular, T-Mobile) than CDMA (Sprint, Verizon). The 700w and (sigh - if it ever comes) 700p with EVDO have faster speeds
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    Also, if you want to check your speed go to . I have a Sprint T600 and usually get 70-100 Kbits/sec. I believe the GSM phones get 30 - 50. If you are consistently getting less, you may have bad radio. For more info, I suggest you do a search - there have been a lot of threads on this - good luck.
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    I'm on Cingular and I get anywhere from 30 to 150k. Depends on where you are, network load, etc.

    Most occasions it around 80k when I test.

    Do a speed test and report back your results.

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    Hello all. What I was thinking of was internet accelerators like those available on the PC and Mac. I know I would have to pay like $5 per month for the services but it may not be too bad. Just wondering if people would be interested in something like that. I would be.
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    this sucks. I'm only getting about 6 on the 5k test. The 100k test shows between 16-29 I want my sprint phone back

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