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    New to Treo and learning...
    Surprised when I discovered the free mem available to HotSync issue...
    So, is it possible / is there an alarm to be setup to calls user's attention about that? (before receiveing a message saying cannot performs that, blá,bla´,blá?)...

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    I don't know of such an alarm, but there may be one.

    What are you storing on your Treo? Are you using an SD card for pictures and documents?

    Also, Perry will be along shortly to show you how to save 4 MB. . .

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    Through various playings with zLuncher (I know), I have between 11 & 12 mb of memory. Through playing I found that I was able to put pTunes to the ZLauncher folder on the SD card and it still plays with those utilities needing to play with pTunes (used a short cut). Moved HanDBase to the ZLauncher folder on the SD card and so forth. It would be nice if ZLuncher (I know) could handle moving multiple apps at the same time. Ben
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    Well just received my Treo 650 and discovered that I have only 1.6 MB available now...
    I installed a few apps but notice that
    adobe reader (434), Bluetooth lib (240), Date Schedule (278), Contacts (193), Documents (368), Messaging (273), NetFrontLib (1267), Photos (187), Real Player (198), SheetToGo (651), SlideshowToGo (330), SS_P2P (?) (229), Phone (747), VersaMail (784), Web (450), WordToGo (804), WP_P2P (?) (189)
    were already installed when received it and takes about 7.7 MB!...

    Obviously, docs and photos,.., all in card.
    And my Tungsten E had 28 MB...

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    Did you sync your 650 with your Tungsten E profile? If so, do a hard reset and intall the apps fresh on your 650. The stuff you have doesn't take that much space. Get Filez and you can better see what you have.
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    Yeah, I'd do the fresh start / clean install thing.....sounds like you ahve a lotta leftovers.

    I use the method outlined in post 3 below for a move from one devcie to another

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