I'm happy with my palm - especially since I got it off ebay for $260, as opposed to the $600 I would have had to shell out becuase I already have service with Sprint.
But of course lucky me, my free internet runs out the day after my new phone arives. And I don't want to have to pay extra just to download some ringtones that I don't even know if they'll work. I'm used to ppc and windows mobile so this palm stuff is taking a little bit of getting used to. Grandted it's just as easy to navigate, I still don't quite know what I'm doing.

I did a search and found this
1. Hotsync the .wav files to your treo.
2. Create a bogus email in versamail with the sound as an attachment and save it to outbox instead of sending it.
3. Open the email from outbox and select the yellow square and view it in SOUNDS.
That worked for the guy who posted it and I can see how he did it, but I'm having one simple problem, when I hotsync my files to the pda, I can't find them, so when I go to attatch the file, I can't find it. On the palmone quick install it says it went on there, and a game I put on there worked just fine and I found it easily. But I can't find any of the wav files I put on. Does anyone know where this goes (without an SD card)

Are there any programs I can put on this device that can search for files? Or even creat a new folder to store them in. I know I can't do much without the SD card anyway, but I haven't gotten one yet - with my ppc I had a 1 gig card but it was a compact flash card so it's of no use to me now. I'll get the SD card eventually anyway to add more games and music and such, but until then...

Anyone try the wifi sd cards, how well do they work? I'd rather get one and use it when I go out, than pay extra $ each month when I'm on such a tight budget (got a fricken baby due in 3 weeks!)

Also, what do you think would be a good case for me? If I get the wifi card I'll need a hole for the card to stick out, and easily put the memory card back in when I'm done.
I don't like frufru colors (pastel blues and god awful pink...). I don't know how I feel about lether. I'm not worried about bulk (I carry mine in a purse anyway). I want something that won't be slipery. Belt clip isn't a must. Would like something clear that covers the screen so I don't press hang up when I'm on the phone with my cheek or something. I want to be able to answer my phone quickly when it rings so I don't want one that covers the buttons without being able to push them. I've been looking at some of thoes skin type cases, but heard they loose thier shape after a while and don't stay form fitting? Is this just for people who remove it frequently, or does it happen anyway?

One thing I really like about the palm vs ppc - the Palm Desktop. It's so very easy to put in contacts, appointments, memos, tasks and such on the computer then just sync it to the pda. I also like having a little keyboard with the phone rather than having to tap on the screen for writing or having to use the transcript thing that doesn't always work so well. Plus it being a phone texting is so much easier than a regular phone, and having to type a number sometimes 4 times just to get the letter you want.

Another question, how do you close things? I mean when you push a button to open one program, is the other program closed. If not EVERYTHING is open right now.

Anyone know where I can get GOOD games, free or not, either way, I'll live if I have to pay to play something decent. I've seen a few free sites but it seems like they're all for the older palms that had no color and stuff.
I especially want to find a good free texas hold em game. I have found quite a few, but none that are compatable with this phone. My boyfriend has the a900 and has much better luck.

Ok, i guess that's it for now... please help me.