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    I am a crazy golfer and thought that their had to be a better way to carry the rules than the current book. The USGA offers a pdf style application but navigating to the relevant rule is difficult.

    I have put together a beta of the golf rules that I think is really useful and would like feedback from other golf nuts out there. I have been using it on the course for the last few weeks and it makes a big difference. My plan is to add a weekly rules commentary once I get USGA permission.

    The power of the Treo comes to the fore as words are linked back to their definitions, as are referenced rules. Navigating is quick and simple and there is a nice search function.

    The application is 95% finished and really just needs to have a few more links added. If there is anyone that is experienced with html and would like to put a few hours into helping me out on this please email me at

    The golf rules are free and this application will also be free when finished.

    I look forward to any constructive criticism or ideas on how it can be made better.

    Please download the application from

    Cheers to the guys from Bluefish Wireless for giving me a free license to use their Contact Maker and for hosting this file.
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    This is a great idea! Thanks for putting it together and pricing it right .
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    Great idea -- I'll download this when I get my Treo back. Thanks, and keep us posted on the development.

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